marriage ceremonies

Congratulations, you’re engaged! And plan to marry your special Mr or Mrs.  A marriage ceremony is a core component of your wedding day and I’d love to discuss your plans for your big day. It is legally binding and needs to include a number of central components to deem it valid. Besides these essential elements, a ceremony can be designed to suit your style and personalities. I can offer options for ceremonies which take into account various rituals as well as creative ways to include loved ones. 

renewal of vows Ceremonies


The re-affirmation or renewal of vows is a ceremony where an already married or committed couple choose to once again recall their earlier vows or write new vows.  It is a non-legally binding ceremony and can be designed any way you choose.  It can have a very similar outline to a marriage ceremony but has enhanced flexibility.  Couples can choose to renew their vows at various times in their relationship, including honouring a significant anniversary, an elopement or following a particularly difficult time in their lives.



A love commitment ceremony is an opportunity to declare publicly your love and commitment to each other. It is a non-legally binding ceremony and can be designed to suit your wishes and needs. Couples and families choose to have a love commitment ceremony for many different reasons. Some because they choose to commit to each other but don’t wish to be married and others to join two families together. It can be designed to follow a similar outline to a marriage ceremony including vows and an exchange of rings. It is a beautiful example of couples and families simply declaring their commitment to love and respect each other.

For the above three ceremonies I offer to meet with couples on two separate occasions plus a rehearsal
in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. Unlimited telephone and email contact is also available.

Naming ceremonies


Welcoming a new baby into a family and the community is such a joy - why not honour this special time with a naming ceremony!  It is an opportunity to formally celebrate the arrival and naming of your child and can be created any way you wish. Some families choose to have a celebrant speak of the significance and meaning of the name chosen, some choose readings/poems, undertake a ritual or blessing and others play a piece of music to represent this special time. The child’s parents, family or friends can pledge their love and commitment to your child. Godparents, mentors or supporting adults can be identified to support and commit to your child as he or she grows.

Throughout the process of preparing for your child’s naming ceremony, I offer to meet with the family twice
and offer unlimited telephone and email contact to ensure a unique ceremony is designed.